Music and its Health Benefits

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Everyone listens to music and that is just a simple fact. Let that be rock, pop, rap, country or classical music.

Art and music play an important role in the human brain and heavily influence our moods and our outlook on life. When you're happy, you listen to songs that boosts you're mood, in my case, those are songs with positive messages that I am able to relate too. Music has the power to motivate you, to make you sad and to make you feel relaxed.

Did you know that Music dates all the way back to Paleolithic periods? Although today's music has drastically changed. Every century and every decade has their own unique style which is why some songs are nostalgic and bring back childhood memories, often creating serotonin and dopamine.

Music Genres and How They Contribute to Mental Health?

  1. Classical Music: Studies have shown that slow music without lyrics makes us feel relaxed. But why?? Listening to classical music doesn't only benefit you psychologically by decreasing the level of cortisol and reducing blood pressure but, increases the amount of dopamine in the brain which affects the feel-good neurotransmitter. Classical music also helps you study. Lightening a nice candle with some classical music to study is the best set up, and sounds quite enjoyable.

  2. Rap/Hip-hop: Although this is the genre that I listen to the least, it does send positive messages out. These genres have been the ones to give advice to the younger generations on how deal with depression, anxiety and has raised awareness towards suicide as well. Rap has begun to shine a light on mental illness.

  3. Country: Country music is the best genre to give love advice. If you ever feel stuck in a "situationship", relationship or you might of find yourself caught in a love triangle, country music will feel very relatable, and hopefully, without getting too emotional, it will give you the best advice on how to love someone, how to move on from the past and last but not least, it will teach you how to appreciate the small things in life.

Music in general motivates our generation to reach our best potential and feel connected to something.

Music is important to our everyday life and just like every story you read, it will teach you something. It elevates our mood, reduces our stress levels, relieves symptoms of stress, stimulates the memory and manages pain. In other words, music is very beneficial to our mental health! I might just go and listen to some music now!

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