Moving out in Late Teens, Early 20’s: Pros & Cons

Deciding to move out alone in your late teens and early 20's will be the biggest decision you will make. It will be the debut to your true adult life. It takes loads of courage to pack your bags and say goodbye to everything you've known in your life. But, the courage you'll take will shape you to be a more mature and realistic person, meaning you will learn many things about life and yourself. I recently moved out of my parents house in Canada and moved to Europe. I packed my life into 3 luggage and started to live my life, try out new experiences, and I'm still learning how to adapt to a new lifestyle and how to live alone, far from my loved ones. I would like to share with you some of the pros and cons I have experienced in the past months and give you an insight of what you may expect once you move out too!

Lets Start With Cons!

  • Feeling Lonely at Time

If you move out alone, you most likely will feel lonely at certain times. Having a house or apartment where you live by yourself might get very quite, especially if you moved far away from your hometown, your friends, and your family. They might not have the time or chance to visit you as often which will make you miss them and wish you could have them around and spend quality time together. But don't you worry! You will see them soon and in the meantime you'll make new friends!

  • Depending on Yourself for Your Security and Comfort

Another challenge you might face is depending on yourself financially which will affect your security and comfort. When we live with our parents, we are lucky enough to have a roof over our head, food in the fridge, and not worrying about paying bills. Our parents make sure we live under a safe roof, take us out to have fun, but the moment you move out, your fun time is dependent on how you manage your finances. This will effect your feeling of security as well since it's a lot to balance on your plate. You will not have the luxuries you had, therefore you'll need to create it and it can be difficult.

  • No More Unconditional Support

This point is a little bit different compared to the previous one. Once you move out, you'll be living your life for yourself. If your parents are similar to mine, they will not support you much with finances. You'll need to get out of your way and hustle to pay for your rent, food, bills, activities, and schooling if you attend college or university. Once you've made the conscious decision to start your adult life, you'll need to take responsibility for it too, which means you'll need to be your own provider and safe space.

  • Missing Home

Taking you back to the first con, feeling lonely might make you homesick. When adjusting to a new environment such as a new town, city, country or an entirely different continent, it might very possible that accepting a new form of lifestyle will be hard. From such a distance and everything being so new to you, making good friends will be a little more challenging and the comfort of home will get to you. For this reason, you might find yourself reminiscing on the smallest things, for example, the weather, the people, the food, the smells, and all the little things that brought you comfort. Luckily all the time spent alone in a new place will benefit your personal growth!

The Best Part of Living Alone!

  • Focusing on Yourself & Self discovery

Moving out alone will give you more than enough time to prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as your needs and wants. The best part about living alone is that you won't need to take care of anyone else but yourself. For those reasons, you'll have more time to focus on yourself and you goals. It will also give you time to explore new hobbies and habits which will bring you joy.

  • Learning How to Manage Finances

Learning how to manage your expenses is fun and important. It's good to have a stable income or possibly more than one. You'll learn how to budget by putting aside the money you'll need for food, bills, rent, and personal expenses such as clothing, home décor, and more. Budgeting doesn't just mean spending your money on your needs and wants, but it also means investing your money into greater things for your near future.

  • Gaining Your Freedom

This final point is possibly the most fun out of it all. Living alone means living for yourself, on your own terms and rules. No one will boss you around, tell you what to do and how to do it. You'll be free from everyone and nobody can control where you're going with who and why. You will gain the freedom to live your life!

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