Importance of Fashion & Finding Your Style

Fashion has been around for AGES! Although before the 20th and 21st century, fashion was important because of social classes. Each color was associated with the people's wealth, for example, purple was known to be the rarest color of all and symbolized royalty in the medieval period, it was reserved strictly for royal emperors only. On the other hand, the peasants wore gray, brown and/or red, because most of the clothes was made of sheepskin and wool.

Today, instead of identifying people's wealth according to the color they wear, it is used to showcase one's personality, likes, dislikes and aesthetic. It also helps reunite people or make new friends who share the same interest, goals, and values. Fashion has also become a form of art and expression and just like history, fashion repeats itself, some styles come back and some leave. This is what we call trend.

Trends are heavily influenced by popular music, social media, celebrities, influencers and most importantly world news.

So... why is it important to find your own style and fashion?

How can you find your own style?


  • Self Expression: There is nothing better then smelling good, being fresh and looking good. The choice of clothing says a lot about an individual.

  • Culture: In different parts of the world, there are different styles, what you might find on the streets of New Yok, you won't find in the streets of Tokyo.

  • Form of Art: Fashion isn't just about self expression, but its also about dressing yourself up, styling your hair, wearing making, accessorizing your outfit. Each element adds to the final look.

  • Confidence: When you found your style and the way you look like to express yourself, confidence will come from your happiness. It plays a psychological role, and when you look good you feel good!

HOW To Find Your Style:

  1. Look into your closet and find the colors and pieces that you love and make you happy.

  2. Think about some specific colors that you love and will look good on you.

  3. Think about your interest fields and let it influence your style; fitness, business, painting, literature and so on...

  4. Create a visual. It can simply be a Pinterest clothing board (Its what I use and Love it!)

  5. Go shopping and find some statement pieces, that you think are essentials to an everyday casual look.

These are some basic steps that will help you attain the goal of feeling and looking amazing!

For some inspiration, you can look at my Pinterest Clothing Insp Board!

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