Burnt Out? Fuel up!

With the final exams, essays and assignments wrapping up as the end of the semester is approaching, you might be feeling overwhelmed and well... only thinking about the break. Many students find this time of year frustrating and stressful, and you might of realized that you are slowly burning out. When you are burnt out, your brain shows similar damage to the brain of people who have experienced trauma. Burnt out reduces the connectivity between the different parts of the brain. This leads to the following side effects.

Side Effects You Might be Experiencing:

  1. Exhaustion

  2. Lack of Energy / Creativity

  3. Change in Self Esteem

  4. Not Taking Care of Body, Mind & Soul

  5. Procrastinating

How to Recover from Being Burnt out:

  1. When you are experiencing exhaustion, the best way to solve it, is by fixing your sleeping schedule. Set a specific time to go to sleep, (EX: going to bed at 9:30pm for a couple of days to reset, instead of 11pm or later) Sleep repairs and heals your heart and blood vessels. Sleep deficiency increases the risk of heart diseases.

  2. To better your self esteem and increase your creativity, spend significant time alone. Recharge. Put some time into your hobbies, let that be photography, journaling, painting, drawing. When you do something which you enjoy, serotonin will grow, which will stabilize your mood, feelings of well-being and happiness.

  3. Putting time into your hobbies is also taking care of your mind and soul. Investing any sort of valuable time into ourselves helps us find our true identity, and once we recover from our burnout, we will feel brand new. Taking care of your mind, soul, and body can also mean working out and hitting the gym, mediating and even praying.

  4. Procrastination is a really bad habit, especially leaving things last minute. It may severely affect your grades, or the way you act when you go to work. It has been scientifically proven that students who procrastinate, experience a higher level of stress, frustration and anxiety. To solve this issue, time management will be your best friend. Make sure you have an agenda to mark down important due dates. Before you procrastinate, think of your future goals.

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