Benefits of Solo Traveling

Traveling alone is many people's dream. To experience independence and expand our knowledge on other lifestyles and cultures. Traveling solo has many advantages, especially if you fly alone at a young age.

My Experience;

I was 16 years old when I first traveled solo back home to Transylvania. I told my parents that I once overheard a conversation they were having with me traveling alone and told them I was interested to experience it. So, they told me to get a job, and I did. In 3 months I collected the money I needed and bought my ticket. It was the first big purchase of my life. In June, my drove me to the airport and I was off to a new adventure. In a month I learned so much. Not just from my family members that I staying with, but I learned a lot about myself. I learned how to manage my time between activities, how to manage my time when catching a flight and what to do with my time when my layover is more than 2 hours. I learned a lot from my culture thanks to my grandfather and my uncle. I learned that I am capable of trusting myself with my decisions and my actions. I learned about nature because I was living in the mountains. Most importantly, I learned that I really want something I can easily get if I put all my effort in it.

Why Should you Travel Solo:
  • It creates a sense of independence.

Traveling alone will teach you that you are capable of doing things without anybody's help that you can rely on yourself no matter the obstacle you will and are facing.

  • Lets you find your true identity.

Along with the feeling of freedom you will experience by traveling alone, you will free to do what you want without limitations. Therefore, it will give you the chance find out what you like, dislike, what bring you peace, happiness and what you are passionate about.

  • Being alone is good for the soul and can help with depression.

By being alone, you will get time to reflect on life, it's enjoyable because you can fill your days with activities and you will be surrounded by new people in a place you would like to discover.

  • You will learn how to budget your money.

Working to have money for your trip is the first step to accomplish and it is the first step towards budgeting. You will then need to put money aside for things you would like to purchase or restaurants, museums or festivals you would like to attend.

  • Making new friends and connections.

Wherever you are in the world, people will approach you and talk. You will for sure meet new people in the country, state or province you are visiting. You might really like their vibe and energy and become friends, or you might share a common goal and could help each other out.

  • Increases self confidence.

When all you have is yourself and nobody else to rely on, you will do things out of your comfort zone which will allow your self confidence to grow. The pressure of catching a flight after another or even finding your gate will be getting to you. Once that feeling is over and you look back on what you've accomplished after thinking "I won't be capable of doing this" you will feel more comfortable with your self, realize that you can rely on yourself which will boost your confidence.

  • Learning about different lifestyles.

Often when you travel outside your hometown or out of your country you will be surrounded by new traditions, new cultures, new morals and new rules. Having a new outlook on life can effect how you will later, after your trip, enrich your views and morals by the new lifestyle that inspired you. This may be as simple as being influenced by a way some other cultures party on the weekend, the food that they eat and you want to learn to cook or learning their language.

  • You will have stories to tell.

After experiencing so many new activities, emotions, lifestyles and friendships, you will create great memories; from saving money, to buying your ticket, to your first takeoff, everything that reminds you of your experience and new memories will become amazing stories to share and cherish.

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