Pros Of Being Single On Valentine's Day

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Why is being single on Valentine's day good? Isn't a day for couples? What's its benefit for us?

Yeah, we know that this is a day for couples who live in the pink clouds and everything but, if you're single, you can take some time to yourself where you can watch beautiful romantic movies with a bucket of ice cream romanticizing on your life...JK! Maybe, instead of that I can give you a couple of fun activities to enjoy with family, friends or possibly even yourself!

I think that many of us visualize that if we are single on Valentine's day we won't have fun, so here's some fun activities you can do to enjoy February 14th with your family and friends

  1. Spend Quality Time With Your Family: Spending time with your family, siblings, cousins and so on will keep you happy and stop you from being sad because life might not be the way you want it right now. Valentine's day can be about treating your family to small gifts such as time, a nice meal or desert for example cookies, chocolate, fruits or a nice warm soup.

  2. Treating Your Friends: Friends are people in your life that you can share crazy experiences with, people that stand by your side through thick and thin and that have a special place in your life and your heart, I guess you can that they are a small family. A fun activity that you can do is maybe buy some gifts for each other to show that you are grateful for them BUT! It does not need to be something big. A little tray of brownies can also work :) You can also buy ice cream and binge watch a show or have a singles day party instead.

10 Activities You Can Enjoy Alone On February 14!:

  1. Have a nice self care evening

  2. Watch a NON romantic movie

  3. Treat yourself with chocolate

  4. Create something creative that you enjoy (drawing, painting, reading...)

  5. Write a letter to your future self or future significant other (could be fun)

  6. Bake or cook yourself a nice meal

  7. Workout

  8. Start something you always wanted to do

  9. Make a confidence boost playlist and dance

  10. Take a nice drive alone with good music

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