20 Fun Winter Activities

Imagine this... It is the last night of November and you prepare all the Christmas/ Winter decorations to put up in the morning. When you enter your bedroom, you notice that it is colder then usual, so you walk towards your window and you notice no stars in the sky, but you spot the street light that is shining bright in the small corner of the street which reflects all the snowflakes that are slowly descending to the ground, covering the autumn leaves. The next day you wake up to a Winter Wonderland, where all the tree branches, all the house roofs, all the street lights are covered in snow. Before you head outside, you prepare a warm peppermint tea, and put a coat over your pj's. As soon as you step outside, the smell of burning wood leaving the chimney hits you, leaving you in awe and warming your heart. When you walk back into your house you are planning some winter activities do participate in with your friends and family.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Baking Cookies

  2. Going Skating In Local Park

  3. Sledding

  4. Board Games with warm drinks (Mulled Wine, Tea, Hot Chocolate)

  5. Snowshoeing on Hiking Trails

  6. Gingerbread House Decorating

  7. Building a Snowman

  8. Snow Angels

  9. Having a Snowball Fight

  10. Watch your Favorite Classic Holiday Movie

  11. Go to a Local Christmas Market

  12. Do a Winter Photoshoot with Friends or Family

  13. Visit an Old Building, Church, Museum,

  14. Donate Clothing or Toys to Kids in Need

  15. Create a Bucket List for the New Year

  16. Create Handmade Decorations : Arts & Craft (Christmas Globes, Tree Ornaments...)

  17. Watch a Christmas Choir Perform

  18. Go on a Sleigh Ride

  19. Surprise a Friend with Christmas Gifts or a Fun Day

  20. Decorate Your House

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